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Welcome to LA Lady,

I am Jacquelyn Migdal, owner and producer at LA Lady Productions in New Orleans. As a seasoned Television Producer with experience in the dynamic landscape of docu-series and reality television, I've had the privilege of collaborating on several series for networks such as FOX, ABC, Netflix, and many more.

At LA Lady, we live for producing compelling narratives that resonate across diverse audiences. My passion for storytelling has been the driving force behind my work, allowing me to refine my craft and produce content that is engaging and captivating. 

As a Supervising Producer, I have delved into the intricacies of true crime productions and re-creations. Working alongside visionary teams on projects like The Dark Side of Football and Real Murders of Atlanta. Contributing to the Emmy-nominated documentary, Vice Versa: Fear of a Black Quarterback, stands as a testament to the impactful narratives.

Some career highlights include shaping the stories of Nightwatch, Nightwatch Nation, and First Responders Live to field-producing on series such as Jailbirds S2 on Netflix and Family Massacre on Oxygen. Each project has enriched my storytelling ability and added depth to my professional experience.

Beyond the credits and accolades, what fuels my passion is the opportunity to explore stories and present them in a compelling and resonant way.

I'm excited about the prospect of new collaborations and creating captivating stories together.

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Our client-centric approach means we spare no effort to find the right solutions for your video production needs. From concept to delivery, our experienced team tackles any project. From commercials to branded content, recreations, and more, we specialize in video production at all levels. 

See our list of services and please contact us for a free consultation. 

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A Full Service Video Production Company



Count on us to bring your vision to life with over 20 years of experience across

all levels of video production. 

Specializing in Documentary Films and TV Documentary Series, we excel in captivating true-crime narratives and immersive recreations. 




 From lifestyle videos to direct response, your commercials, and digital brand videos are in good hands. We produce everything from  testimonials to commercials. We keep things efficient and work within all budgets. 

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 We specialize in comprehensive event production services tailored to your unique needs. From initial concept to flawless execution, we ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience. 

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